Air Ambulance

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This service is provided in our fleet with Hawker 400 type jet engine aircraft. The main stretcher set in the aircraft includes oxygen balloon reserves, internal extractor unit, fixed and portable 230-volt electric system, inverter, monitor, defibrillator, pulse oximeter, capnograph, temperature measuring units, adult and pediatric pressure cuffs.

Also, mechanical ventilator suitable for adult and pediatric patient transport (Weinmann Medumat - peep, ippv, simv, cpap modes), infusion and injector pumps (Braun), portable aspirator (Weinmann Medumat), intubation sets, infusion fluids, emergency medicines and emergency patients any medical equipment that may be required is located on an ambulance aircraft.

Air Ambulance Operation

When the alarm arrives, the patient's medical report is evaluated, and if necessary, the physician who is following the patient is consulted, and the necessary information for the transfer is obtained. Specific permits are required for domestic and international flights. In domestic flights, this period varies between 2 - 4 hours depending on the permit operations on average 1 hour international flights. This also affects the time and wage, since additional warfare insurance is provided for flights to risky areas.